Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And the Winner is...

Yes, that's right folks. The tour is over! At least, as far as I know it is over but I have unfortunately had my gaming somewhat curtailed due to some minor medical problems. Ah, the appendix... What's it good for anyway?

Does this mean that the Kegslayer's Kriel is finished? No, I think not! After all, I still have a battle report for my last game to post along with pictures of how the painting has gone. The army is still not done but I have been enjoying painting them so I plan on finishing them up and getting them all up on the blog.

So, be sure to come back soon for a look at the Battle of the Stones along with some pictures of how the army is shaping up and also just who won what in the last Mark I tour at BattleZone Comics. See you soon!

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