Monday, December 7, 2009

Round Three... Fi... Wait... Where Did Everyone Go?

Round three has come and gone but I have yet to play any games.  Kind of a bummer because I was really looking forward to these games but with my schedule it isn't likely that I will be able to make them up.  Ah well, I at least got a really cool piece of terrain out of it.

Wait, what?  Terrain for not playing games?  Crazy I know so maybe I should explain.

Earlier in the week, I finally broke open Evolution and started reading some of the scenarios.  Right off, the bat the Mosh Pit scenario really caught my eye.  It just sounds like it would be a ton of fun but how to mark the perimeter?  That is when inspiration struck!

I had built a stone circle years ago but the problem was it only measured 12" across.  The solution; make it bigger!  I cut out a 18" diameter circle from a spare piece of blue foam board that I had a after some shaping with a utility blade it was looking pretty nice.  A base coat of black, dry brush with some grey, add some moss and then screw the two pieces together and voila!  "Instant" mosh pit!

As I said, I still haven't been able to play a game on it but a lot of the guys are really interested in giving it a try so I'm sure to get some games in with it soon.  I am going to run it as a special event at BattleZone Comics using a variation on the 1/1/1/1 format that will focus on beasts and 'jacks.  One 'caster or 'lock, one light, and one non-unique heavy taking on all comers in a giant smackdown!  No date is set for this one but I'll definitely be posting more about this so be sure to check back to find out more.

So with all of this, it sounds like I haven't done any painting but that is not the case.  I actually started working on my axers, fell caller, Borka and his keg but I have only been able to really get anything done with Borka.  Still have yet to do his base but overall he is looking pretty sweet IMO.

He is done using the same techniques and paints that I used for the champions, except I added a little bit more detail to him.  Still not done but I really like how he is coming out.  Now I just have to paint the rest of them...

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