Monday, November 30, 2009

Round Two... Fight!

Round two of the League has come and gone with some surprising results.  This week I was scheduled to face off against Andy (a new Khador player) and Clinton (an old Khador player).  Man, is it just me or there a lot of Khador at the store now?

Andy was first up with his 'jack heavy list commanded by Sorscha which included two Juggernauts, a Destroyer, a Kovnik, a war dog, and Boson Grogspar.  On my side of the table, I fielded Borka with a few changes to his list.  I switched out an axer for the second impaler and dropped the krielstone bearer  for some kriel warriors.  The reasons for both of these changes were pretty straight forward.

The only ranged attack my army has besides the impaler is Borka's bomb which makes the far strike animus very limited while the axer has the thresher attack and a better MAT.  Combine that with the effects of Mosh Pit and you are looking at some pretty potent infantry killers.

For the krielstone I was a little more hesitant.  Being able to bank away Fury just seems like a handy ability and as I mentioned before, in a pinch the scribes can pack a punch.  The main benefit that I was looking for was the larger number of warriors that I would be able to field.  I also liked the idea of fielding the warriors in front of the champions as it would block LoS for most ranged attacks and would make the champions a little more survivable.

Unlike my last game against Sorscha, this game went somewhat differently.  Even during the her feat turn, about half of my army was still able to activate because she couldn't get line of sight to freeze them all.  Admittedly it was just a bunch of kriel warriors but they were really pulling their weight against the Devastator and the Boson and let's be honest; being able to use part of the army is better than just sitting around doing nothing for a turn.  In the end, I had to rely on Borka's bounce to save the day as I just could not get a direct hit to finish her off.

All and all, it was a good game but really, really long, clocking in at just over three hours for a 500 point battle.  Even so, I like the feel of the new list much more than what I had been running and I am looking forward to putting it to the test again next week.

So what about that second game?  Well, Clinton had unfortunately had to leave before Andy and I were done and he said he would just give me the win.  In a way, I am kind of glad otherwise who knows how long I would have still been there fighting yet another Khador player.  Don't get me wrong; it would have been fun but I don't know if I would have been up to dealing with another three hour battle in one night.

I think that these two wins might actually push me up to the middle of the field, which was not something that I expected.  Then again, there are still a few more weeks to get through before the end so we will just have to see what happens.

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