Thursday, November 19, 2009

The First Steps to Raising the Kriel

And it's official!  One of the medals for the last tour will be based on painting!  Huzzah!!!  Another shiny medal = even more motivation for me to paint up my Troll army.  Further proof that I really am a geek...

But back to the point at hand...

The first step to putting together an army is to do just that.  Since I already have a good number of Trollblood minis, I want to use those first when I put together my list.  The first step is of course the warlock, in this case Borka.  That part is easy enough but what should I put with him?

I am fairly limited when it comes to my warbeasts as I only have axers and impalers, but thankfully these are still pretty solid beasts.  Since Borka does actually have a ranged weapon, I decide to go with two impalers and one axer.  Having the impalers means that I will be able to use their animus to increase Borka's range which could be handy with the bounce special rules.  Hit something with a low DEF and then bounce it into a high DEF target for an autohit.  Plus the impalers will give my army some heavy ranged punch as well since that is something that my list is lacking.  Meanwhile the axer is just there to beat the crap out of things, a role that he seems well suited for, plus I love the mini for it as well!  Big old troll with a big old axe, great combination in my opinion.

Next up are the actual troops for my army.  Trollblood champions are a give for any Troll list so they go right in.  To back them up I am also including a fell caller.  His fell calls give me easy access to boosts for the champions and he is not a slouch in melee either, making him the ideal support for them as they charge into combat.  To round things out, I decided to add a full Krielstone bearer unit to get the added protection that this unit can offer, not to mention the ability to store up fury.  This is probably not going to be too much of a problem with Borka considering his spell list but it's better to be safe then sorry.  As an added bonus, the stone scribes are actually pretty good warriors in a pinch so having them around serves double duty.

And there you have it!  500 points of Trollblood goodness, ready to smack down all comers.  I actually have used this list before with Madrak and was not too happy with it but I was also playing it differently.  Then I had been using the old Troll block with the champions in the front, then the krielstone, and Madrak in the middle of them.  This formation used to drive me nuts because there is no maneuverability at all and it really limits how you can activate your units.  To get around this, I am going to try something a little different.  The champions will go in the front by themselves with the fell caller following close behind.  Meanwhile, Borka will hang back slightly with the krielstone behind and around him.  This will let me charge the champions forward while the rest of the army advances as a block with Borka in the lead.  The champions will probably not be able to benefit from the additional protection of the stone but since they are some of the toughest troops in the game I think they will be okay.  Will this work?  Well, we'll find out soon enough as the League starts on Saturday.

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