Monday, November 23, 2009

Round one... Fight!

And week one is over!  After my first two games with "Borka", I am currently 0-2.  That's right, Borka was owned both times last night.

The first game was against Pat with Sorcha and her Winter Guard elite cadre.  It came down to a suicide run that left Borka dangerously close to the only 'jack on the table but unfortunately it was enough.  After failing to do enough damage to kill her, Sorcha feated and the Jugger walked over and chopped Borka into tiny little pieces.

The next game was against Matt-Matt with Striker and Rowdy and there was just no way to get past Ol' Rowdy with what I have.  I sent Champions, a Fell Caller, and even Borka himself against Rowdy but all of my damage rolls were ridiculously bad.  In the end, Rowdy hit the ground and then proceeded to beat Borka into a Troll shaped smear.

The only question left is what went wrong?  In the first game, the medium bases caused me some trouble.  Maneuvering around each other can quickly get rather cumbersome if you are not careful.  There were also two mistakes made regarding free strikes and the thresher special attack for the axer.  After looking through the rulebooks and checking the errata, it turns out you can make a free strike against any models that moves out of melee range, not just one of them.  This makes mosh pit that much more dangerous because now the Trolls can attack everyone instead of just one target.  As for thresher, it turns out you can make special attacks on a charge, just not power attacks.  Combined with his animus this makes the axer that much deadlier.  Still, it was a fun game and a definite learning experience which is always a good thing.

The second game had some different problems to contend with, specifically my lack of heavy warbeasts.  This was not much of an issue against Pat with his one vanilla Juggernaut, but when Matt-Matt put Ol' Rowdy on the table it was a different story.  With my current list, it is very difficult to deal with heavies effectively.  The incredibly low rolls that I was making for my damage didn't help but having something that could have gone toe to toe with Rowdy would have helped.  The only question is how to best address the situation.  Matt, the owner of BattleZone, recommended that I get a dire troll blitzer.  I told him that I didn't want to because I don't like the model but after looking more at his stats, I am thinking that maybe I should reconsider.

Similar in many ways to the mauler, the blitzer also has a gun on his back with a 12" range.  Put the animus from the impaler on his and suddenly you are looking at a 16" POW 13 weapon that fires d3 shots.  The RAT is quite low but I can still see some serious potential there.  Have the dire troll slam or throw and then light up the knocked down target with the gun.

Overall, both games were a lot of fun and a great way to start the League.  Of course 0-2 puts me in a pretty bad position as far as winning anything but that's not what this tour is about for me.  A lot of the "old crew" are playing and that makes it worthwhile for me.  Winning or loosing doesn't really matter, as long as I can have some fun butting heads in the process.

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