Saturday, November 28, 2009

There Is Ice Running Through Their Veins...

With round one behind me, it was time to start painting!  Looking at my units, I decided to go ahead with the Champions first.  Not only are they a good chuck of my army at 106 points, they were also the only unit that was already primed, making the choice that much easier.

For me, the first step is always to paint and highlight the skin.  This tends to be the messiest part of my painting process so it's best to get it over with before painting anything else.  For a base colors, I have used the Trollblood Base followed with highlights using Underbelly Blue and then Trollblood Highlight, all from the P3 paint line  This gives them a nice highlight but still leaves their skin with a very cold color which is what I am aiming for since they are supposed to represent members of the northern kriels.

I carried this cold feel through with their armor which I painted another P3 paint,  Cold Steel.  This metallic seems to have a touch of silver to it, making it brighter than I normally use for armor but helping to  keep the cold feel.  To tone this down a little, I went over the armor with a Smoke wash which is made by Tamiya.  This stuff was actually recommended in the original copy of Prime as good way to finish off metal parts and I have to say that I love the stuff!  Quick and easy to use and gives great results.  What more can you ask for?

Next, I painted their boots and any leather straps I could find with Bootstrap Leather followed by some Flesh wash, which is produced by Citadel.  This was all of the major parts painted so I went ahead and based them so part of my army is ready to go!  I plan on adding some more details later on but for now they definitely look good enough for table top quality.

So what's next?  Probably some of the warbeasts.  Like the Champions, these represent a good chunk of the army so getting these out of the way will leave me with more time for the rest of the troops.  But more on that later.

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